Glow Cursor

Inspired: linear features,CodePen
  • Performant

    Stitches avoids unnecessary prop interpolations at runtime, making it more performant than other styling libraries.

  • Best-in-class DX

    Stitches has a fully-typed API, to minimize the learning curve, and provide the best possible developer experience.

  • Feature-rich

    Packed full of useful features like theming, smart tokens, css prop, as prop, utils, and a fully-typed API.

  • Keyboard navigation

    Primitives provide full keyboard support for components where users expect to use a keyboard or other input devices.

  • Focus management

    Out of the box, Primitives provide sensible focus management defaults, which can be further customized in your code.

  • Screen reader tested

    We test Primitives with common assistive technologies, looking out for practical issues that people may experience.